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Types of Corporate Gifts for the Employees

Festival Gifts

Festival Gifts

Tradition has been that all large Corporate give annual gifts to their employees at the festival time. Depending on the region it starts from Ganesh Chaturthi, Ayudha puja or Durga puja, Deepavali and finally New year. Depending on the profile of the workers the item is decided and both employee and employer take great pain in giving innovative products every year within the predefined budget. Even MNCs depending on their policies have budget for the employees.

Joining Gifts

Most of the large MNCs have a induction kit which they give to the new joiners. Idea is to keep the excitement of the new joinee and make them feel part of the organization from day one. Ideal gifts here are table top items like coffee mug, carry bag, t-shirts, sipper bottle, back pack, jacket etc. depending on the budget of the Company.
Birthday Gifts

Birthday Gifts

Many Corporate have a policy of giving gifts to the employees on their birthdays too. Every year they zero in on a particular item which they keep sourcing every month depending on the number of birthdays and celebrate within the close knit department. The challenge here is not to repeat the same gift and be innovative every year within the given budget.

Completion of number of years of Service

As the employee completes milestones of 5 & 10 years they are recognized with good mementos and expensive gifts to celebrate the occasion.
Rewards and Recognition Gifts

Rewards and Recognition

From weekly recognition to monthly, quarterly, yearly and even project completion is celebrated to bond the team and ensure healthy team work. The awards can be impromptu to catch them doing something good to predefined parameters depending on the objectives and needs of the organization. Here the HR department plays an active role by trying to understand the age and motivation of their workforce and to keep them constantly engaged and excited.

Conferences, Meets and Events

During annual plan meet a separate budget is created to give some goodies to the participants which also includes t-shirts and bags apart from mementos of the event.

Moving Brand Ambassadors

The delivery team of the eCommerce Companies ensure that their last point contact gives the uniform branding experience by taking care of the uniform of the delivery boys which includes, t-shirts, cargos, caps, jackets, rain coats, large size bags, cooling bags for cold drinks and even hot bags for the foods. The uniformity of all the accessories used by the delivery persons ensures that the constant branding message is passed not only to the buyer but rest of the public on apartments, offices and even on roads.

Table Top and other Utility Gifts

Calendars, diaries, coffee mugs, sipper bottles, back packs, jackets, umbrellas, pens, key chains, travel bags, overnighters, usb drives, power banks, speakers, photo frames, desk top utility mobile holder, laptop stand and innumerable items are given to employees to keep reminding them and others about the Company and its brand logo.

Sales and other Employees out on Field

The best way to inform the world about your brand is to print your logo on the shirt pocket of your employees as that will ensure good brandas visibility and constant reminder to others.

Identity Cards

Lanyards beautifully made with branding ensure that apart from your employees the whole campus will know about your brand. You can always give more such products to employees to ensure that the visibility of your brand increases with each addition of caps, t-shirts, jackets, back packs, umbrellas etc. The famous saying is that visibility leads to creditability and constant hammering of your brand will definitely pay for itself.
Depending on the profile of the employee the gift is decided so may be for a factory worker a Tiffin box makes more sense whereas for the younger generation the gift will be different. A bit of challenge is to have common gifts for both the male and female employees.
There are times when the idea is to give gifts which employees will use at the work place and there are times when management would like to involve the family members of the employees and the gift is selected accordingly depending on the need and end objective to be accomplished. Some gifts are given to excite the employee and thereby spread the good word about the Company to their peers and relatives to generate good public opinion.
Everything said and done the money spent will always make enough noise to justify the expenses done judiciously with end objective in mind. If nothing else the Company is spending some amount to excite their most important assets their employees.


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